Connecting My Cloud to MacBook Pro directly with Ethernet

I recently purchased My Cloud 4TB Drive for use with my MacBook Pro running OS X Mavericks 10.9.2. As I have a few very large files to transfer to My Cloud, transferring these via Wi-Fi or the Internet is proving to be very slow. Is there a way to connect the My Cloud directly to my MacBook Pro via Ethernet? Or some other direct connection method?  By way of experimentation, I connected My Cloud directly to my MacBook Pro with an Ethernet Cable; on doing so, My Cloud is flashing Yellow to indicate it lacks network connectivity. On the MacBook Pro, My Cloud does not show up at all. I really would appreciate step-by-step instructions on how I may connect My Cloud directly to my laptop using Ethernet.

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Why bother? The router introduces negligible latency. Connecting it by Ethernet directly to PC< i doubt it will make any difference. You are still constrained by the PC and the drive.

Unless you have a **bleep**e router.

Connecting directly via USB, and unless you have USB on your PC,  and even then, it iwll not be faster than Gigabit Ethernet, depending on many factors. Too much hassle.

what speeds do you get with the router and is it Gigabit?

I agree.  I connected my WD Cloud to my Ubuntu laptop via a gigabit crossover cable and copied 1.3TB of data from a USB3 external HDD.  The speed was no better than a gigabit network via a gigabit router.  I also obtained the same outcome when I copied data from the laptop HDD to the my cloud and vice versa.

I did this on my white Macbook.  I did as follows:

  1. Connected ethernet cable from My Cloud (MC) to Macbook (MB).

  2. I couldn’t connect to MC in Finder.

  3. Restarted MB while ethernet cable was attached.

  4. Finder conncected to MC.

  5. Commenced Time Machine backup of 270gb

This was very much faster than my TM backup attempt over WiFi on an Airport Extreme.