Connecting My Cloud as a physcial device

I have a 2 TB My Cloud external hard drive. I’m using a program that does not recognize network devices, only physical devices. Is there any way to mount the My Cloud drive as a physical drive? My laptop does not have a sata port so the idea of an Ethernet to sata connector is not an option. As far as I know the USB port is for communicating to other drives, not for connecting to a laptop. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Most programs only need a drive letter to save the data to. If you mount a network drive from the My Cloud and assign a drive letter, The program should see it as a physical drive.

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Yea that’s what I would have thought as well, but it’s a royal pain in my but. I have tried:
Mapping a drive
using the subst command
using the mklink command

none of these have provided access. While I can navigate to the drive through explorer or through the cmd prompt, the program I’m trying to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard does not recognize the network drive. Any suggestions? I’m hitting them up as well.


Sorry, this is a limitation of the backup software. I hope they can help you with it.