Connecting My Book to TV via USB


I just bought WD My book 3 TB external hard drive and everything works when its connected on my laptop but if I connect it to my TV via USB its shows “Empty” folder on the TV menu. First when I plug it in says “Reading USB memory device…” and usually when I put in my USB key shows movie files (even those who can’t be played later cause the format its not supported) but with this hard drive it says only “Empty”.
 I tried both - unlocked and locked. My TV is Panasonic LCD Full HD one year old.

Anyone has any suggestions?

several things that come to mind…

  1. does your tv read 3 tb drives?
  2. does your tv read the file format the drive is formatted in?
  3. do you need to give your tv time to index all the files on the drive?  I know that you have to with wdtv.