Connecting My Book Studio via a wireless router

Trying to connect a 3TB WD My Book Studio to wirelss router Netgear WNDR34000v2 via the USB port. Router does not “see” the hard drive.

Works fine if i connect directly to laptop (Macbook air) OSX 10.7.5

Any solutions? Netgear advise that their units will worl with up to 2TB, but not 3TB…

If anybody could help it would be appreciated

would you maybe need the LIVE model have that work??? Had one for a short period of time and connected through the ethernet port, hooked up no worries, just didn’t suit what I need from it, don’t know enough about the routers though if the USB on the router is an innie or an outie, I did skim over a post SOMEWHERE in the last couple of days or maybe it was on a manufacturer’s spec page that had something about setting it up that way. Good luck.

Many thanks.

Since been advised by WD that the 3TB is not suitable for working on a network…seems as though i should have gone for the 2TB version…that’s what happens when you trust the guys in the store and don’t do the homework.