Connecting My Book Live to my non-smart TV with HDMI port


I have recently bought a 3TB My Book Live NAS and am looking forward to screen its content (mostly movies) to my HDMI enabled full HD non-smart LG Jazz LCD TV without using WD TV Live.

I wanted to know if something like Google Chromcast or other miracast media players which connect to the HDMI port of the TV can be used to screen the content from my MBL to my not so smart TV. If yes then how ?

PS : Need suggestions other than WD TV Live which I do not plan to buy.


I have never tried to do this without a WDTV. But lets see if other user have accomplish this and can add their comments.

you need a media player which supports playing files from a network share.

For Chromecast, you would be streaming from MBL to the PC or laptop then play it as “local content” via the chromecast. Not an easy way for it as far as I know, if any at all. Research the internet and you will see what I mean.

Thought about getting one a while ago, but gave up, since it would not play them back then, not sure now. biggest issue for me was that chromecast does not support all video formats.

Here is an example, read the comments though.

WDTV, chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, + many more are all media players. it all depends on you finding the one that fits your need.