Connecting my 2tb mycloud to a Samsung smart tv

Hi, I am curious as to whether or not I will be able to view the pictures on mycloud through the smart hub of my samsung tv. If it is possible could somebody please help walk my through the steps I need to take. I am not very advanced with technology and am afraid to try on my own. Thank you


I would recommend contacting Samsung as direct and specific per-device instructions related to the exact process needed in order to access DLNA Media Servers with your device will need to be provided by a dedicated specialist if it is indeed possible.

You could also verify the documentation related to it.

@ Fatsomilljim,

It will work, all you have to do is use the wireless module of the Samsung TV or a RJ45 Cable in your router and you can access the WD My Cloud to watch pictures or vidoes.  < ~~~~ How to install apps on a Samsung Smart TV models 2013 -2014

Hate to post on an old thread, but I’m curious to know if anyone EVER got this working?! I’ve been dealing with trying to set this up all afternoon.

This is what I received from Samsung Support:

: I am afraid to inform you, Samsung does not support streaming from NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. Third party software may allow this, however it is not supported by Samsung.

: Although there are many DLNA certified programs available for use and Samsung does not discourage anyone from using other DLNA software we only support and guarantee functionality with Samsungs Link software.

You did not provide any information about your Samsung TV. The model number would help.


Have you looked in the User Manual for your TV as to what you can do with the smart hub?


I have a older model Mitsubishi and view my My Cloud though my Sony Media player SMB-N200.


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The samsung TV’s model is UN50F5500AFXZP.

Ever since the support chat, I haven’t looked at any user manuals or any further. However, the TV did just randomly connect to the WD My Cloud device and start streaming perfectly fine. It’s definitely not consistent though, as I cannot repeat this process.