Connecting multiple hard drives to WD TV Live


have a couple of questions regarding the WD TV Live. In the product description it says the following: “Collect without limits - There’s no limit to the size of your media collection; just add more USB drives for more space.” How am I supposed to connect more USB drives when there’s only one USB connector? Or could I connect a USB hub and attach more drives to the hub?

Is it be possible to copy files from a pc over the network to the hard drive that is connected to the WD TV live? 


Who knows what the marketing guys actually mean by anything.

You have two USB ports, so you can connect two drives locally.  No hubs.  You can also wire to a network (or use one of the USB ports for a wireless dongle) and then connect as many drives to a PC as you’d like.  You can also use an NAS off your network (then you truly do have unlimited storage space – my tiny little one holds 3TB and it’s pretty easy to get ones that hold 6TB or more).

Once the Live is attached to the network you can copy the files from your PC to the hard drive connected to the Live.

thanks for your answer.

i didn’t see that there’s another port on the side of it, thx. 

hmm… yeah a NAS might be an option. doesn’t it lag if you watch movies over the network? when copying files to the Live how do you know what hard drive you are copying it to? do you see both harddrives individually?


Playing movies from a NAS isn’t an issue – the network will always be the controlling factor when it comes to speed, and as long as your streaming doesn’t exceed your speeds you’ll be okay (my blu-ray encodes play fine wired no matter how fast, although two or three of them won’t stream wirelessly properly, but that’s true whether they are on a PC or the NAS).

When you use the facilities on the Live to copy files you choose what drives you want (just like Windows explorer).  If you copy from the PC side you’ll see the Live like any other drive(s).

thanks for your fast replies…

that sounds pretty cool, i might have to buy one of these :slight_smile: