Connecting MBL Duo to PC directly w/ WINSCP

I am trying to connect my bookliveduo to my laptop directly. I forget how to with WINSCP, can anyone help. I am at the screen with the host name where I type \mybookliveduo
then I enter the username / password that I have set. But its saying no host exists. I am using SFTP and port 22…any help is greatly appreciated. I just want to be able to transfer files from my PC to the drive directly. I don’t want to connect to my router.


I have never tried this. Let’s see if an experienced user can comment on this.

Try using just the IP address, no “\”. Also using WinSCP SFTP connects to the MBLD at the Unix level, so the user you set up in the WebUI will only work with standard FTP within WinSCP.
The default home directory for your user is /share which is controlled by the MBLD software and does not have a .profile, etc.
You can connect as root with WinSCP but that gives you enough power to delete key operating system files and destroy your entire MBLD system.