Connecting locally

Hi all,

I have bought my 2 TB My Book World Edition  (version 1 I think) and it works first time.

Now I want to copy 500GB of data onto it but not wirelessly because it looked like it would take days, I’d like to just plug it into my laptop with a cable and do a copy, this should be faster.

How do I connect it to my laptop locally? I’ve tried the Ethernet cable and a USB → USB cable and neither works - Windows Explorer just doesn’t register the drives existence.

Can anyone help?


If you don’t know your MyBook’s IP address, you have to connect your MyBook first to a network with DHCP.  

Press the recovery button while powering up the device. So it resets  the admin user name, password and the network configuration.  

The default user name: admin

password: 123456

Look for your actual IP address in Command Promt: ipconfig 

Open the IExplorer. Connect to " http://IPaddress "

So you can connect to the Shared Storage Manager where you can set  your device. 

Set the IP address for fix IP which convenient to your notebook’s IP address. ( Important : If you have changed the IP address you cann’t reach any more in the DHCP net)


First try to connect at IExplorer “http://Mybook

May be you can connect to Shared Storage Manager