Connecting in a hotel room?

Hello. I bought my WD Live Media Player in hopes of being able to NetFlix movies on the road when I travel. Well it sounded like a good idea at the time but have run into a snag. After you connect to a hotel’s wireless connection in your room, most hotels anymore require you to open your browser on your laptop to accept licensing and TOS by checking a box on their homepage. This then gives you internet access. Does anyone know of a workaround that I could try to give my media player internet access in the room.

Thank you!

Dallas Phil

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Could you not network the Live with your laptop?  I don’t think you need a router/hub for a peer-to-peer connection (but it’s been ages since I’ve done anything like this so you might want to do a Google search on the particulars).

Then just connect up the laptop and have the Live share the connection.  (Tony will jump in here and tell me I have no idea what I’m talking about and, since I’m a software engineer, he could be quite right :>)

That seems like a viable solution…  

Well I was trying to get away with not lugging my laptop with me.

Lugging a laptop?  Sounds like you need a new portable .

(My Dell Netbook actually weighs less than the Live/Hard Drive combo :>)

ROFL!  You got me there!