Connecting hdmi out to composite in

I am trying to relocate my Wd Live box to a different tv which has no HDMI ports , My Live box only has Hdmi out, is there a cable or adaptor to rememdy this? 

What live box do you have. Most have a composite (A/V) output.

Thanks for reply richUK,

You are right of course , there is an AV out on the back of the box, I was thinking of the yellow,red,white outs , which it doesn’t have.  The tv has quite a range of connections available but no HDMI and no optical for sound.

it has the yellow,red,white inputs.  Component hook ups … Green,Blue and Red. S Video and a DTV input, which I used to use when my Pc was hooked to the tv …

I have found some converter boxes and leads on Amazon , I guess I was wondering if WD had a solution , of if anyone on the forum had a sure fire solution that they are using.

AV Out *IS* composite. Just use the cable that came with the WD which has the 3.5mm plug to Yellow/Red/White leads.

Thanks TonyPh12345,

It’s been so long since I took this out of the box , I forgot what leads came with it, just hooked it up with HDMI and discarded the other leads, hopefully I put them in a draw somewhere. Thanks again for the help.