Connecting hard drive directly to pc

Power went out a few nights ago. Since then, my mycloud has been blinking red. Nothing I’ve tried has worked. So, last night I took it apart and removed the hard drive hoping that I could keep my data. I put it in an external case that connects via usb. I hear the hard drive running, but nothing shows up on my pc. I’m wondering if I just need to assign a drive letter to the hard drive to get it to show up. If I do, will that compromise my files on the drive? Please advise on how best to do this.

Are you running Linux or do you have a third party Windows driver installed to read Linux drives?

The My Cloud drive is formatted for Linux. Without a third party driver in Windows you generally will not be able to access it. If possible use a Linux Live CD/Boot CD to run Linux on your PC to access the My Cloud Hard drive.when removed and attached via a SATA to USB adapter to your PC.

DO NOT attempt to format or partition the drive from within Windows without using a Linux driver/software. Doing so will potentially erase the data on the drive.