Connecting from PC & MAC issues

Our new world book was purchased as it clearly states that its compatible with both macs and pcs at the same time.

It was working well till someone pulled the power out, the unit lost its dynamic ip, so I gave it a fixed IP, but now noone can connect to it from a pc on \mybookworld\         Everyone on a PC can connect to it by useing the ip address though.

The problem we have now is that the MAC can nolonger connect to it, it was working very well, but now the mac can see it, but if he clicks Connect To, the user just gents an infernal spinning icon and nothing happens.

Can someone please help us…


Hi there, since this started to happen after you gave the MBW a static address, why not switching back to DHCP?

Press and hold the  Reset  button on the back of the device (next to power interface) for at least 20 seconds and it should reset the Device name, IP Settings (Back to DHCP), and Administrator Password to factory default while leaving the data intact.