Connecting from afar

So, the hub is connected to my router, my internet modem etc…

Is there a set up that will allow me to access it from anywhere I have an internet connection?  Ie, I take my laptop on the road with my and my hotel offers free WiFi… Is there a set-up that will allow me to access my hub content from there?

Use small words please  ;-)  

If you can set an FTP server with access to the Hub you should be able to do it, also if you have a remote access client like TeamViewer installed.

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Something like CoreFTP lite?  

And what would I do with it?   

You would only need to install it and assign permissions to the Hub, but you’ll need to have the PC with CoreFTP install ON for that to work, unless the service can be added to the Hub. That is of course, unless the client can run off the Hub without a computer in between.

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Assign permissions to the hub?  

Sorry, I meant granting the FTP program you’ll use access to the Hub, each program is different. On TeamViewer I just need to select a list of resources I’ll have ready for example.

You’ll need to make sure the program you’ll use (On this case CoreFTP) is able to see network shares, if that is the case then it should allow you to select the Hub for remote access.

I finally found a post concerning this problem. 

I’ve had a WD MyBook World Edition II and enjoyed being able to access it outside the LAN. Later I sold the NAS and bought a WD TV Live Hub only to discover that I could not reach it from outside the LAN - until yesterday.

I’ve always connected to my Hub through My Computer where it was shown as a Network Drive. Normally, when I start up my computer, I am being warned about not being able to connect to the network drive, but yesterday I did not get this message. Just for fun I wanted to see if I would be able to connect it, still from outside the LAN, and I could!! I don’t know how I could do this, and as far as I know, there should be not special settings on my router… 

Unfortunately I cannot connect today, so I’ve learned nothing…