Connecting direct to 12Volt supply

I want to use a Live TV in my RV (motorhome here in Europe), and so I’d like to power it direct from the leisure battery, not rely on an inverter or being hooked up to the mains. Since the Power Supply output is 12V it should be easy, but of course I need a supply lead that has a suitable jack on the receiving end.

WD can’t help it appears. Does anyone else have an idea or similar experience?

I’m an electrician so am confident I could undertake any technical work required…



PS. I’ve also posted this on the ideas forum.

Do y’all have Radio Shack stores where you live?  If so, they can make a custom plug right in store for you.  I’ve done that with my WDTV Live Hub, and I have no reason to think it would be different for a Play.  Cost me about $20.

If not, just cut the end off your AC power supply (or measure with calipers the one you have and order a plug tip online) and attach it via suitable wire guage to a cigarette plug adapter.