Connecting Canon camera directly to wireless ssd with usb lead

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to connect my canon Eos R with wd my passport wireless ssd directly through usb.
When I open My cloud app on my phone it shows the camera as external storage but without any photos that are on the memory card inside the camera. After I press SD button on ssd the lights start flashing and it seems it started copying the files, unfortunately, it creates only empty folders on the drive.

Do you know if it is possible to copy the photo directly from the camera through USB slot without taking the sd card out?

many thanks

Hello ralv,

Unfortunately, data can be loaded in My Passport Wireless SSD from SD card directly or from Computer via USB connections or via wireless connections. Your Canon Camera may not support My Passport SSD while using USB connection.

However, you should check your SD card in order to check the compatibility of My Passport Wireless SSD with SD from below provided articles.

Thanks for that!

What’s really interesting I know a photographer that claims it works for him. He uses exactly same camera ( Eos R ) and same memory card inside the camera (sandisk 512gb sd 95mb/s )

Could it be related to the type of cable he’s using? I tried bunch of different myself.


Hi, how i can do t connect my EOS R with wifi wireless connection to WD WIRELESS PRO? Where is the manual procedure? Thank you.

@Vurpo based on the KBA listed below, connecting the camera to the device via USB is really not supported.

Some smart devices (like cameras) that leverage USB ports for different types of data transfer and sometimes device control communications will typically allow you to change the USB connection mode. (I have certain USB settings I have to change on my sony camera(s) to connect them to an iPad via USB to lightning dongle.) You might want to see if your Canon has options for USB settings such as PTP/MTP, Remote Control, Mass Storage, etc… You could try each, but Mass Storage might make the camera appear as a simple thumbdrive with file system that could be seen and backed up by the MPWP.

However, you will almost certainly get better performance if you will move the SD card from camera to MPWP for data backups… the USB connection on the MPWP is only USB 2.0 and will cap out at around ~20 - 24MB/s. My tests of backup performace with SanDisk UHS-I and UHS-II cards are ~30 - 32MB/s when the MPWP is formated NTFS and up to ~46MB/s when the MPWP is formated exFat.