Connecting Canon camera directly to wireless ssd with usb lead


Hi everyone,
I’m trying to connect my canon Eos R with wd my passport wireless ssd directly through usb.
When I open My cloud app on my phone it shows the camera as external storage but without any photos that are on the memory card inside the camera. After I press SD button on ssd the lights start flashing and it seems it started copying the files, unfortunately, it creates only empty folders on the drive.

Do you know if it is possible to copy the photo directly from the camera through USB slot without taking the sd card out?

many thanks


Hello ralv,

Unfortunately, data can be loaded in My Passport Wireless SSD from SD card directly or from Computer via USB connections or via wireless connections. Your Canon Camera may not support My Passport SSD while using USB connection.

However, you should check your SD card in order to check the compatibility of My Passport Wireless SSD with SD from below provided articles.