Connecting camera to WD TV Live

One of the key features of the WD TV live is the ability “Show photos and movies directly from your digital camera or camcorder.” “instantly”.  Does this feature work?

Well I tried this evening and it seems to be a dud so I’ve reverted back to taking the memory card out of camera, inserting into Mac and copying the content to my MyBook.

Here’s what I have - Canon Ixus 220HS with 8GB card (almost full).  

Used the supplied cable to connect to front of WD panel and switched on camera. 

The card has photos and video on it (.mov)

Went to Video on WD menu. 

Selected ‘Local storage’.

Got a msg saying it couldn’t add to My media Library

Was able to access card and see folder structure but it keeps on saying “no media content” in each folder.

If I accessed the card through the Photo menu it is able to see the photos on the card.

What could be the issue here?

Suggest you try using the FILES menu instead of the content-specific menus.   Since it can’t WRITE to the camera, it won’t be able to use the media library.