Connecting Amazon Fire HD 10

  1. How do you connect an Amazon Fire HD10 to a My Cloud Home and

  2. How do you stream video with Plex.

I already have Plex running on the My Cloud home successfully for Roku.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Install Plex on the HD10

I tried that last night, but it says it will only let me view 1 minute of a video for “free” version. This was while I was on my local network.

The other option is to enable DLNA Media Server on MCH Plex and use any DLNA Client on the Fire HD.

Thanks, I will try that and post results. Is there an app to access the rest of the MCH? I found one for My Cloud, but it appears it doesn’t support MCH?

My Cloud Home App is not supported on Amazon Fire HD and Android tablets.
It’s available for Android Mobile phone though

Full access with the Plex app on Fire HD tablet, iPads and other mobile devices has a small $3-5 cost from Plex and well worth it for as much as you will use it. I have two iPads but only had to pay once for them and once for iPhone.