Connecting a Live Hub via Yamaha Wireless Adaptor

Afternoon, Have recently installed a Yamaha YWA-10 into my RX-V673 and as the YWA-10 has a spare LAN port i thought i’d connect up my Live Hub this way instead of forking out for a wireless dongle, but i can’t get it to work. I know the Hub is twitchy / fussy when it comes to it’s wireless adaptors but thought that this would work easily… is there something i’m missing or are the Hub and the YWA-10 not compatible? Looking at the description and diagrams here: there dosen’t seem to be anything apparent as to why it wouldn’t work? Only other info i have is the Hub tells me i have an incorrect DNS. Any help would be great. Cheers, Rick

How do you have your YWA-10 configured?  What is entered for its gateway?  DNS?

The YWA-10 is configured wirelessly to my TalkTalk / D-Link router. Have taken a snap of the Yamaha Receiver’s network screen ;