Connecting 7.1 PC Surround Sound Speakers to the WD TV Live


I have the creative 7.1 surround sound speakers. Unfortunately the output is the standard 3 pin. Green pin for front end speakers, Black pin for back end speakers and Orange for subwoofer.

Is there something out there to connect my pc speakers to the wdtv? They would just be more useful this way. I’m not looking for 7.1 sound…Just need them to work on the wdtv (5.1 is good enough)

I apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed, however, my search did not turn up any useful or relevant threads.

Thank You for looking.

This adapter might work, but the most that you can get is the same sounds from all of the speakes.

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Thanks for replying, I have been looking around. Would you know of any similar setup that output to optical?

Otherwise looks like this is the one I’m going for.

Don’t think that type of adapter exist, could not find anything on Google.