Connecting 6TB HFS+ Drive to WD TV Live Streamer


I am willing to buy WD TV Live.

I have My Book Studi II 6TB running HFS+ drive that I am want to connect throw the USB.

My questions are:

Is that possible will the streamer recognize HFS+ drive with 6TB capacity?

Can it only read? Or also write?

Will I be able to connect HFS+ drive in 1 USB and 1 NTFS drive in another?

All I need is to read my movies from my drive and play them on the tv.

Thank you for your replies.

Any reply?

Hi, it will recognize hard drive using the HFS+ file system, not sure about the 6TB capacity, the maximum supported size is supposed to be 3TB, but it doesn’t mean that 6TB wont be recognized. 

Thanks for the reply.

And how I know if 6TB can be recognized?

Someone from WDC support team can answer me?

If you read this thread … several people have got it working

Joey thanks for your reply I see it working with NTFS file system hope it wont make a problem with HFS+ file system.