Connecting 2 WD My Cloud From Multiple Locations

Hi, I have “WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra 6TB” in Pakistan and now going to buy “Cloud Storage / NAS My Cloud Home Duo 8TB” which will be located in United States. Can I connect both server together and sync data between both devices? I also want to backup my data between both devices. I have created multiple cloud accounts for users who are accessing server files from multiple locations or outside the country. If this is possible please guide me so I can proceed with another device.

Thank You

The “Home” product line is fundamentally different from the “MyCloud” devices.

“MyCloud” uses linux. “Home” uses android.
The feature set for the home line is very limited relative to the MyClouds.

I don’t think anyone knowledgable about this technology would buy a “Home” unit.

So which WD device I can use for this purpose. Or it’s not possible?

I would use a pair of EX2 Ultra’s.

WD has two basic NAS lines. . . .the MyClouds and the Home. Ignore anything with “Home” in the name.

In terms of the MyClouds; they are all running “basically” the same software. The differences are in the hardware. The PR2100 and PR4100’s feature intel processors (and I think more RAM) which is important for transcoding streaming video (i.e. plex).

Can you sync data between the devices? Don’t really know. A key factor nobody talks about is data upload speed. Beyond that . . .you need to consider exactly how the data is being transferred. SSH? FTP? WD server? I am not sure how effective WD software is for this task. . . sorry. . … just have not looked into it.

Thank you for your guide