Connecting 2 wd media players together

Any help would be appreciated.

currently have wd live plus connected via hdmi TV.  1 tb usb drived connected to it and usb wireless adapter.   Using wd-link, I can see my wd player abd usb drive from my computer.  So I can administer the content of the drive.

I need another player for our basement TV.

If I buy a new wd live (with built in wireless) , is there a way to connect both players directly.   Almost bypasssing my PC.

I would like my new player to be able to see and fetch movies from my main player…

.e.g   main player would play movie on Tv and downstairs player would access  main player 1 TB drive to fetch a movie and play it downstairs.

Hope I;m not confusing you guys.

or to do that I need the wd live hub, that could act like a NAS.

That’s all possible. As long as you enable file sharing from the one that has the USB drive attached, the other will be able to access it. Doesn’t really matter which is which.

You mean enabling file sharing on the computer, or there is a file sharing menu option in the WD itself?  I can’t find anything in the WD menu…

sorry…just found it in the menu.   It was already setup that way, since I could view it from my Pc…my bad…

Does someone know if the WD hub is more powerfull then the latest wd player, meaning will both have no problem playing a movie and sharing another movie at the same time with my old WD live plus.