Connectiing WDEX4100 to synology RT2600AC and Connecting WDEX4100 to anothher NAS over the lcoal network

I need to connect my NAS to Synology RT2600ac. I know there are solutions out there but it is not clear to me. Could you provide a step by step process?

  • Do I connect NAS by USB to Synology or I keep it on the LAN or LAN1 port? BTW how can I utilize LAN1 as an extension
  • Do I need special software for RT2600ac and/or WDEX4100
  • How to configure software or parameters?

Thank you very much!!!

Hi zivotinja,

We would like to inform you that the My Cloud EX4100 device should be connected directly with the router using the Ethernet cable on the LAN port for operations.

You can refer the link mentioned below to know how to connect My Cloud device.

I did just that - direct rj45 connection to LAN port (4) Am I missing something? However it is not communicating with the router Synology 2600ac