Connected to internet but no status LED

After upgrading the My Net N900 router’s firmware to 1.03.11, the Internet status LED now doesn’t light up. The router is connected to the internet and I am able to browse. It’s a false indication. Prior to the firmware grade, the internet status would light and work properly. As a remedy I manually reinstalled the 1.03.11 firmware but unfortunately there were no positive change, the status light was still off.

Another peculiar item I’d like to mention is that the “Connect to the Internet” process didn’t work for me when originally installing the router (with factory firmware 1.02). I had to configure everything manually. When attempting to connect the router would show “Internet not connected” after it’s 60 second count down. Like I said previously, I was able to configure the router manually and connect to the internet.

Here is the list of equipment I currently have with the router.

  1. Motorola Cable Modem SBG6580 (built-in router, DHCP, & wireless have all been disabled)
  2. D-Link Power Line DHP-541
    3, WD My Book Live

Please get back to ASAP with a solution to the internet status light not working. At this point I have to assume that the 1.03.11 firmware was the cause of this.

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Does it illuminate during the boot diagnostics?

No it doesn’t light up during boot up. It will momentarily light on when it’s powered up but immediately turns off.

I’m thinking it might be a hardware flaw. Might try exchanging it…

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But the router LED’s were working properly pror to the firmware upgrade.

As Tony stated seems like a hardware failure

You can try a factory reset to see if this will get fixed

if not you will need to replace since it seems that you are the only one experiencing this

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I just picked up this router today. I too do not get the blue internet light to light up. After restarting the system it lights up, but then stays off. I can still access the internet (doing it right now), the router says it’s connected under the WAN->Connection to Internet, but running the connection wizard shows that no connection to the internet can be found.

I have disabled FasTrack Plus because it prevented me from accessing the internet when downloading torrent files. With FasTrack off I can download torrents at fast speeds and still have access to the internet.

Still deciding if I’m going to keep this router.

Edit: I’m running firmware 1.04.11. I also get a notification that the router could not connect to the internet.

After posting last time I noticed that my connection to the internet would keep dropping and require me to reset the N900. However, when I could not access the internet I was still able to continue downloading torrents. FasTrack was turned off but I had left on WMM. The router lost the connection to the internet (or at least port 80) mutliple times during the afternoon.

I was trying to hook it up behind a RG3800 (same as AT&T Uverse, but it’s MTS Ultimate TV where I live).