Connected a hard drive and it messed up the hard drive

I just bought a WD TV Live Hub and I connected my hard drive to it which is full of movies and I was using it on a WD TV Live perfectly and it messed up my hard drive!!! I can’t connect it anywhere now. not on my pcs and not on the WD TV Live either. How is this even possible??? Is my data still there??? what happened that the Hub messed up a perfectly good hard drive? why can’t I see any of the info when I connect it to the actual computers?? It tells me that I need to reformat it and that I will loose all data if I do. **bleep** happened??? I wanna burn that hub and it’s not even connecting or recognizing any network!!! I’m pissed!!!

Sounds like you disconnected it while it was still readin/writing to the disk and it has now been corrupted. Your only solution will be recovery software that may or may not work in retrieving your data. When disconnecting a USB drive from any device you always have to make sure the HDD access light is completely off.

I recomend R-Studio NTFS