Connect with USB?

I recently discovered I had kept the WD Caviar Serial ATA 200GB hard drive from one of my old systems.  I have a USB “converter” cable and power supply.  What is the easiest way to access the information on the drive – I suspect this still has has the XP operating system on it.  I do not want to mount it internally, simply access the information and save what I want, if anything.  I know there are likely jumper settings, etc that need to be considered but I can’t get a clear picture of exactly how to do that.  :neutral_face: Can anyone help - or at least point me to a set of instructions that doesn’t rival launching a space shuttle?  I am running Windows 7 (64bit) on a PC with a 750GB drive, an additional 500GB media drive and have 8GB of ram on-board… I’m not afraid of trying diag tools etc but want to get a good understanding before I tackle it.


What is the model number of your drive? You might find the jumper settings of the drive. If I’m not mistaking, you need to setup the drive jumper to single drive.

The label on the drive has the following:

WD Caviar

Serial ATA Hard Drive

Driver Parameters:  LBA 390721968 200.0 GB

MDL: WE2000JD-22HBB0

DATE: 28 SEP 2004


This is a SATA drive, no using any jumper is the best option here.