Connect while off network through internet to backup?

Can I connect to MYCloud while off the network, but through the internet, for background backups?

Do not understand.

How can you connect through internet if you are “off the network”

so “MyCloud” is at my house, while not at my house, I want to continue to backup to the MyCloud thats at my house.

No, I do not think you can do backups over the internet

Well, not really a cloud then, eh?

You are no treally clear.

What do you mean continue backup?

I for example, use WD Smartware on my pc to do backups for all devices at home. I set the schedule and I forget about it. It does its job accodring to the schedule in the background.

If you connect a USB drive to mycloud and set the checkpoint then it is automatic whether you are at home or not.

Maybe if you explan more.

Smartware doesn’t supports an FTP server as a destination, but other backup software do.