Connect WDTV to PC with cable - What am I doing wrong!?


I have a perfectly working setup with my WDTV accessing my shares through a wireless USB adaptor. But I have, like many else, problems streaming HD movies flawless, that’s why I thought about connecting my PC directly to the WDTV with an Ethernet cable.

I have tried connected the PC with the WDTV though a ordinary Ethernet cat6 cable (not crossover), but I can’t see any of the shares that I see with the wireless adaptor turned on (the wireless adaptor hooks up with a wireless router). While I was testing the wireless adaptor was unplugged.

I have Windows 7 64bit Ultimate, and I think its the setup in Windows that is somehow wrong. I have tried pinging the WDTV and it connect just fine. The WDTV is also visible in the network overview in Windows.

I used the same subnet, and workgroup on the PC and the WDTV.

My father testes this setup in his own home and got it to work just fine (like plug’n’play) - but he is also using Windows XP.

What am I doing wrong? Any good ideas?


You plugging the ethernet cable into the router, right ? From there to the WDTV unit.

Also. In Win 7 (at least for me) you have to have a user/pass when starting Windows in order for WDTV to link up.

This also needs to be compleated in the settings. I then set it to auto login.

When I first tried to see my PC via network through the WDTV unit I was puzzled as well. Then I found that I had to create a login to Windows so that I could input that info into the WDTV settings.

Normally I do not have a login to Windows since I am the only one using my PC but for this instance I had to create one if I wanted to stream my movies. I dont mind though because I prefer to stream anyway rather than having to take the time to transfer videos from my PC to the USB HDD when I have plenty of HDD space on my PC.

No, I am not connecting the WDTV with the router - I am connecting the WDTV directly to the PC  (because the router is to far away and the PC is close to the WDTV).

In Windows 7 i have made an account that works flawless with the WDTV when its using the wireless adaptor, so the shares is somehow working just fine. From the WDTV I am accessing the shares with the the username and password i have set up in Windows 7. 

When i try to go to network shares on the WDTV in cable mode, I am not even given the opputunity to logon with the account I am using in wireless mode. But from the PC I can ping the WDTV just fine… :confounded:

***Correction to the first post***

My father have not testet it with Windows XP but with a Windows 2003 Server -  and it worked fine.

It’s my understanding you either need a NAS setup or router.

Wirelesss is working in a different way as the “dongle” is being used in place of a router, or “gateway”

You need that “in-between”

An Ethernet cable is cheap … dirt cheap. Get one and you will be fine otherwise stick with wireless.

I believe a direct connection bewteen a PC and The WDTV would require  a crossover cable