Connect WD TV live hub from WD photos on iPhone or iPad

Hi -

I have a basic problem, I have installed WD Photos (2.3.1) on family iPad and my iPhone, the app detects my WD tv live hub but it does not let me connect, coming back with an error “Not able to connect to device”.

I have tried to set up WD photos classic too but fail.
When I go to mobile devices under setup on the WD tv live hub to acquire the 12 digit activation code WD tv live hub just goes back to the mobile devices menu under setup.

Any help or pointers appreciated.


Hello blackco, check if you have the firmware update installed for the hub. Also check page 202 of the manual for more information on how to setup the WD Photos access. 

How to automatically or manually update the firmware on a WD TV Live Hub Media Center or WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

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Hi - 

Thanks for your response. Yes i have the latest firmwide installed and yes I have followed the instructions on page 202 of the manual. The problem is that I do not see the activation code displayed i.e. I am ok down to Step 6 but I never see the code, WD TV Live hub just bombs out and reverts back to the menu for the Mobile Devices.



I have the exact same problem Blaco.  I reset settings to factory default and had the same issue.  Hope someone finds a solution.