Connect to TV via USB, while connected, copy files over wireless to HDD

So, here is what I am looking to do. I have a TV in the basement that i want to connect the WD HD to via USB. BUT,  in order to get the movie/photos to that HD i want to be able to copy over the network to that HD. This way i never have to disconnect the HD from the TV to get new content. I don’t want to stream movies as some are HUGE! (13gb for a 3d movie). 
Even cooler if I can do this remotely… for example, I am at my parents house and they have photos on their pc. rather than having to bring some media with me, I can access the HD that is on my network and copy the files. I think this can be attacked in different ways, so i don’t necessarily need that part to be inherent to the device. I think once i have it on the network i can add the device IP address tot the DMZ and access it via internet that way.

So, knowing all that… is the WD HD the right product for my needs? 

Yes, you can use the WD TV Live Hub and transfer your movies through the network to the drive of the device.

In regards accessing the Hub from the Internet, I do this using 3rd party applications, but I have not try copy data from a computer, outside of my local network, to the WD TV Live Hub.