Connect to Raspberry for Plex

I noticed that there isn’t the My Cloud Home desktop app for Raspberry Pi. How can I connect this device to the Raspberry in order to access photos and videos in Plex?



You can see this link might it would be helpful-

OP is not asking about a “Pi Drive” … he’s asking about connecting to his Raspberry Pi via the Network.

To the OP … i own a My Cloud which i can Network Access on my Raspberry Pi 3 via SMB Shares, works great and is simple.

From what i gather about the My Cloud Home, you’d probably need to Install/Setup Plex Media Server on it, and then on the Raspberry Pi, it would appear under UPnP Shares

Just a guess, don’t own a My Cloud Home … but Raspberry Pi works great with my My Cloud :slight_smile:

Thank you,
the problem of My Cloud Home is that it seems that cannot be seen as a NAS storage, so you can access data only via browser or using WD Discovery app.
The app is not available on linux / raspbian…

My Cloud Home is such a poor product… it’s a real failure: no NAS access, no WD Discovery for linux, no remote turn on, no stand-by of disks.

If anyone knows how to connect it to a raspberry to navigate files via command line…

What if I install Plex on it? Can I use the raspberry as Plex server? My Cloud Home is unuseful as Plex server…