Connect to music on WD My Cloud from iTunes

Is there I way I can connect to a folder or playlist on my WD My Cloud from within iTunes either in MacOS or iOS?

Not from iTunes program or app, but there are plenty of ways to play music in iTunes program (i.e. the iTunes Media folder) if actually stored by iTunes program on your My Cloud, OR as I do, I just copy that folder to my My Cloud NAS and keep it synced with the original iTunes Media folder. Then you can play that music on MC using My Cloud app, or many other apps out there.

I think my problem is just how I configured it. If you have suggestions, I’m all open to them.

Right now I have music stored in my My Cloud NAS “Shared Music” folder. When I open the WD My Cloud app on my phone and try and play music from a folder on the drive, the app only plays one song at a time, then I have to manually start the next track.

Do you know of other iOS apps that can create playlists from this folder? Or is there a way from MacOS to play music on the NAS drive via iTunes?


Hmmm, My Cloud app is not one of my favorite music apps for a few reasons. An older version of the app used to have the playing one track only problem, but that issue was resolved over a year ago. Be sure you have latest version of iOS MC app installed. (Maybe uninstall and reinstall MC app.)

Just to refresh my memory, I opened app on my iPhone to my Shared Music folder of NAS, and played a track, and when track finished it advanced to next track and played it. As I said, the music on my MC is a copy of the iTunes Media folder arranged just like it is in the iTunes program (artist/albums/tracks)

There are hardly any iOS apps that can play from playlists; since the MC app is playing from Samba shares (and not DLNA/UPnP) it cannot play from playlists usually, since this a function of DLNA servers and not Samba. So, I mostly use my (Android) Kindle tablet to play from playlists and then use BT to send to a BT speaker. I also have a WDTV media player, and it can play from playlists, too.

The one iOS app I can use to play from playlists is called Belkin MediaPlay (found for free at Apple app store). It can play from them directly to iOS device OR, it can beam music to many devices (e.g. a TV; my TV is connected to stereo amp) and therefore plays music through TV speakers or a stereo. Also beams/plays movies (e.g mp4 files) and photos to TV as well. Another iOS app I like is called FileBrowser; costs $6 and worth every penny. It can cast to Chromecast device as well.

For my Android tablet, I prefer Bubble/UPnp app or Avia app for playing my playlists (and on to other speakers, etc via BT.).

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Mike (also in Seattle area).

Looks like the Belkin app is going to work. For some reason the WD app, even though I have the latest version, only lets me do one track at a time.

Thanks for the tips!

One followup question: I made playlists within the WD app but when I try and play them by clicking on the “Music” tab at the bottom, I get an error message saying:

“The operation couldn’t be completed. (WDGeneralNetworkError error 500.)”

Any clue what that’s about or why it won’t allow me to play playlists?

I had to re-read this thread to get the gist of it again. I am not quite sure exactly what you are doing. As far as I know I cannot make playlists from within the MC app; in fact. I can’t even get the app to play any playlists. As far as I am concerned, the app is useless for making or playing playlists. It doesn’t matter to me since I have effective ways of making playlists.

I do not “make” playlists; I have iTunes “generate” them, since it can create a 100 song m3u playlist in one or two seconds, and then make another, and another, just as quickly. I use the iTunes DJ feature of iTunes to make random playlists from my entire “Smart” library. I give each playlist a name and save them, and copy them to the Shared Music folder of the My Cloud. I then can access any playlist in Shared Music with an app (e.g. MediaPlay), and start playing each song in the playlist one after the other, automatically. The iTunes program is very versatile and capable of creating playlists, so suggest you learn how it is done by reading the iTunes Help info.

Even if I have these playlists, I cannot play them when not on the home network, so I have a solution for that, too. I have copied my iTunes Media library and playlists to my WD wireless drive which I can access like the home server, and I take this hard drive with me when I travel.

I even have distilled this down to using a pocket-size wireless flash drive (a Sandisk 64GB Connect drive) on to which I can copy the actual songs of a 100 song playlist to, and play them on my phone while I ride a bus to a sporting event downtown.

The more one understands how all this playlist stuff works, the more creative one can be with them. I hope I gave you some ideas to get the job done. Just forget about using the MC app for most tasks related to music. I sure do.


you can use Evermusic and connect to you My Cloud Home directly as described here: Or if you have WD My Cloud Mirror - you can enable DLNA, WebDav, SMB and also connect to your server in this app.

To move my iTunes music to WD MY Cloud, I use an iTunes Music Converter to convert iTunes music to WD compatible audio formats first. Then I can easily move and save the music to WD My Cloud.
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