Connect to internet with iphone

I have iphone 5 and ipad air. When i followed instruction in the video how to connect to the Internet by sliding my passport tab to the left, nothing happenned. This is the same for both deviceS. I got it to work once but couldn’t repeat it. Anybody have the same issues?

“connect to the internet?”   Don’t know what that means… the My Passport doesn’t connect to the internet.

It can optionaly connect to another Wireless Network, but whether that network has internet access or not is irrelevent.

Can you clarify what you’re asking?

Sorry i mean Connect to wireless network. I was able to do it by sliding my passport to the left. But at the moment it does not seem to happen. When I slide the tab, nothing happens. This is both on my iPhone and iPad.

Try shutting the wi-fi off on the iPhone then back on again

Tried turning the Wi-Fi on and off. Nothing happened

Direct connect to the MPW using the My Cloud App. Then in the My Cloud App, when you slide the “MyPassport” (or whatever you renamed the MPW) to the left, a sort of gear will be uncovered to the right. Tap that and you will get into the Settings screen. Scroll down to find the Wi-Fi item. Tap that to set up your connection to your home network.

When the MPW is connected to your home network your iPad/iPhone will be connected to your home network, and hence the internet, via the MPW.

The specific video which explains this is here:  But Matthew doesn’t actually say tap the gear icon to get into settings. I think that video is for an earlier version of the firmware as well, so it is a little different, but not that hard to work out.

That is the same video as the one on your MPW in the “WD Studios Help Videos” folder, which it sounds like you have already found. But it is handy sometimes to use the Youtube version and work through the setup with them on a PC while you are setting up your iDevice.

All the MPW videos are on Youtube in the “WD, a Western Digital company” account, here:

There are also some videos that aren’t preloaded onto your MPW, such as “How To Use My Passport Wireless with iOS”, here:

Tnx. I was able to get the gear icon to happen initially but past few days nothing happened after i slide the tab. Tried downloading the app again but did not help

Did you delete the App first and then reinstall a new copy? In fact delete the App, reboot your iDevice, then reinstall.

If you just installed over the top it would probably keep settings, which may be the problem.

If you did delete first then reinstall, I think the lack of a gear icon requires assistance from WD Support. Best to raise a support ticket.

Spoke to the WD support today. They acknowledge this is a problem with iOS. Nothing I could do. WD comes up with a solution soon this is very disappointing

You don’t have to use the app to make that change – you can do it through the web front-end, too…

Actually, that is how I did it.-- through the web GUI Dashboard.  No brainer, and even if drive is removed, turned off, turned on elsewhere to use as direct connect,  Later, when off and put back on network back home, the MPW gets back on the home network.  Nice.

appreciate your help.

Can you please elaborate more about the Web GUI dashboard? I have no idea what you are talking about?

The Web GUI Dashboard is just a web interface into the MPW settings. It is accessed by pointing your browser at the URL http://mypassport, or the IP address when you are directly connected to the MPW wirelessly.

This video shows how the setup and access is all done in Windows.

This is also explained on Page 8 of the User Manual, which can be downloaded from here if you don’t have it with you.

Thanks. I cannot use the dashboard from iPad though. What I’m trying to do is to be able to connect to the Internet via iphone without having access to a computer. I am requesting WD if I can return this is not what I bought it for

Wd support had me do a factory restore. Still that did not help

Kobxyz wrote:
Thanks. I cannot use the dashboard from iPad though.

Why not?? I do it all the time.   In fact, that’s my preferred method of configuring the MPW – I seldom use the My Cloud app to make configuration changes as it’s fairly limited.

As Tony says, you can use the Web Interface (Dashboard) using any browser. So use the browser on your iPad.

But this has got me wondering…

Kobxyz wrote:
What I’m trying to do is to be able to connect to the Internet via iphone without having access to a computer.

Are yoou trying to connect this way:

1.     iPad --> MPW --> iPhone

Where the iPhone is providing a hotspot to connect to the internet? I believe that would be achieveable. When the MPW connects to a network it shouldn’t care if that network (and internet connection) is provided by an iPhone. I haven’t actually tried that, but we certainly connect our wireless only (no mobile broadband) iPad to the internet via the iPhone often enough. ( iPad --> iPhone )

Or are you just trying to connect this way:

2.      iPad OR iPhone --> MPW --> Home Wireless Network OR Public Hotspot

This second example is how many of us use the MPW.

So, can you conform again, perhaps with a diagram like mine, what you are trying to achieve?

Kobxyz wrote:

appreciate your help.

Can you please elaborate more about the Web GUI dashboard? I have no idea what you are talking about?


Sorry I missed this one until now.  You are getting help from others, but I cannot stop myself from saying:  If you don’t know what the MPW Dashboard is, you have not read anything about this product, so download the manual from WD and get informed. 

And, as was pointed out, the Dashboard is web-based so of course it can be used on an iPad Safari app  – that is how I use it and not on a PC.

Tnx finally i got it to work using the dashboard. I was not intending to use it since the app was supposed to be more convenient. Still think WD needs to fix this issue