Connect to different share files(with different user access) at the same time

Firstly sorry for my bad english …

I need that because i’m administrator in company.I must check different personals/users folder same time.

and you know its made a error " First close other connection" . what a solution ? my first try solution is START > Log Off  and again Log in and connect to other share folder . 

  yes this solution is bullsh*t because when you need different share folder login you must Log Off  Log In . 

  my second solution is I’m try this way to connect with SERVERNAME and SERVERIP  

    example :

    Connect for Jose’s Files   \wdmycloud\Jose  UID:jose Pwd:1234  Login OK

    and i need connect to Maria’s Files same time

     Try connect for Maria’s Files \\Maria  UID:maria Pwd:12345  Login OK

its worked . for jose using SERVERNAME  for maria using SERVERIP . 

well … this solution for 2 different users. I have a 5 user.With Solutions i have 2 way to connect for different accounts.

My third solutions ( IDEA ). If i need servernames for login . You can set ALIAS NAMES for server .

if i can set more server name for my cloudserver i can login more  personals share folders with that alias names.

thanks , sorry again for my bad english

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Idea approved for voting.