Connect NAS through Win Explorer Without Internet

System: WIn 7 x 64
Nas: EX4

Dear Friends,

Hi first of all.

When i conect my NAS through router/switch and internet all is ok.
My problem is that when i connect the NAS directly to PC (ethernet to ethernet), i can view the NAS from WD My Cloud Software BUT i cannot connect/map drive from Windows Explorer.
What is want is to connect through Windows Explorer to the drive when there is no internet. Is it possible?

Any solution?

Thanks in advance.

Why do you connect it directly to your PC? If you are using a router then you have a LAN connection on both sides and you do not need the internet to connect. You just need the IP Adress of your device to connect to the shares or the dashboard. Normally your router advises a dhcp adress to your ex and your pc. find out the ip adress and connect to http://ip-address-of-your-ex

If that is working you can disable cloud connection so your ex does not communicate with the wd servers

Thanks Lutz.

I tried through router (wifi router with net OFF). With the IP i can connect to the dashboard, with internet and without. My problem is when there is no internet, i want to map the drive and view it from Windows explorer as i do when the internet is connected.

So what is the problem to map the network drive with the ip address?

Perhaps with the cmd – net use x: \\ip-address-of-your-ex\sharename /persistent:yes

This is the problem! The NAS is not connected when i use the x: \ip-address-of-your-ex\sharename.
It does ONLY when there is Internet connection available. If not, it does not connect and results with error 80070035 (network path not found).

I don’t know what to do. I tried a lot of configurations but no success so far.

I believe it has to do with the options but i am not sure…

Any assistance is welcome.

firmware is up to date?
tested with fixed IP in the dashboard?
ping via cmd is possible?
share settings are correct? Maybe no public share? Create a public share and test it

Lutz, thanks again.

Firmware is up to date.
IP is fixed, 172… something
Ping is not possible.
I am afraid about the share settings. BUT why when the Internet Connection is there, everything is perfect?

OK if ping is not possible then you have a network problem. You can try to disable your windows firewall for testing purposes and see if this works.

Let us say, in your case, if you remove the internet connection, are you still able to view your NAS from Win Explorer? Not from cloud program, from Win Explorer only? If yes, it means that you can map it as well right?
I also tried in a second PC with Win7 x86 which i formatted right now. The results are exactly the same.

My EX2100 is only connected to my lan and has no connection to the mycloud homepage.
I have connected all shares with different users on different windows os’es. My home router is also my dns server so that i can resolve the name in my network correctly. All that works fine and is very fast.