Connect MyCloud to Bluray Player

Hi everyone

How can I connect MyCloud to samsung bluray player ?

I’m trying to watch my movies which I transfered them to my cloud 

Should I plug the USB cable from MyCloud to the player only or there is another way ?

Sorry guys but I’m new to WD Cloud :womanembarrassed:

The USB port on the mycloud is only for external storage

Does your bluray player support DLNA? if so see the manual to use it. if not it may not be able to. Being a “smart” device it dioes not mean it supports DLNA, I have a “smart” bluray & TV that don’t have DLNA support and a non-smart TV that haas DLNA support

If it has DLNA support be sure media shareing is set on for the mycloud and each share you want to stream media from.

If it does have DLNA, should the internet cable always plugs in?
or I don’t need internet for it ?

I assume the bluray and mycloud are on the same LAN, if not it won’t work

there is no need to have Internet access unless you want remote access to the mycloud

check the manuals for both to get it configured. media sharing/serving on the mycloud and on the shares with media

DLNA does seem to have some compatibility issues, on my Dish hopper it occasionally works when the stars align. The my cloud stream fine to my PC and DLNA server, and the Dish streams fine from my PC so it is not always easy to pinpoint issues.