Connect My Passport Slim 2tb to a Smartphon

I want to connect My Passport Slim to my smartphone. Is there a way to do it?

Can I do it by just physically connecting both devices with a otg / usb adapter?

This model is password protected. Thanks in advance


Depends on whether your Smartphone supports OTG and has enough power to power a 2TB drive.

I’ve connected hard drives via OTG to my Android Tablet … some work, others don’t

If the hard drive starts “beeping” then there is not enough power.

If everything works fine, the hard drive drains the Android Tablet a lot faster due to how much power it requires.

Hi Joey thanks for the info.

Today I connected my external drive to the smartphone (the LED light is stable) but the cellphone is unable to visualize the files of the drive. I think this may be due to the WD password security app that is always activated in the PCs before the user can get access to the files.

Can anyone know if I could solve this?. Thanks in advance!