Connect my hd drive 1TB My Passport to external device like a TV or car stereo

I have an external drive my passport hd to store music and video.
I need to play music and videos on external devices like my TV or my car stereo.

My TV and my car stereo USB support, but are not able to reproduce the contents of the disc.

The model of my external drive is:

Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1TB USB 3.0/2.0 Ultra portable external Hard drive (black).

Is there any solution to my problem?
I have read that you can format the external drive but I’m not sure if that can solve the problem.

Thank you very much


The drive is factory format as NTFS most of the TV’s and Car stereos only support Fat 32. In the other hand I don’t think the car stereo USB port supplies enough power for the Passport drive to spin.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I confirmed the following:
The car stereo device correctly read my WD Mypassport 1TB, however, the stereo only supports fat32 and a maximum disk size of 250GB. Also does not support disk partitions. That is, the only way to use my WD Mypassport in my stereo is formatted to FAT32 and minimizing the size of the disk to 250 GB or smaller, this way my stereo audio plays correctly. This is not a good option because you lose the ability to use 1TB of storage space.

It’s a good experience to have tried all this.
Thank you very much!