Connect my cloud to someone's wireless router

I am considering to get the WD My Cloud. However, in my house I don’t have a wireless router to connect with the “WD My Cloud”, well I do but it’s not my house actually, so I can’t connect it to it. So, is it possible to connect this “WD My Cloud” into e.g. my friend’s router and access and backup my data from home? Is there any problem that might come up in the future?

And also, what is actually the difference between my book live and my cloud, kind of confused about it.


You can, but your connection speed to the My Cloud would be dependant on your friend’s internet speed (i.e. his upload speed will be your download speed)  Plus if his internet is down, you wont be able to access the My Cloud.  You’re better off getting a non NAS like the Passport if you can’t plug it in your network.  The My Book Live is the older version of the My Cloud.  Difference is the interface, network speeds (gigabit), USB (usb3.0), and a newer version of the media server (twonky 7)