Connect My cloud to Smart TV via DNLA and App VLC

Hi all, does anyone know what I need to configure to see my folders on my Smart TV via a video APP like VLC. Before, I had an old version of My Cloud and I was able to navigate through my disk (connected at home to the same wifi/router). Now, with my new My Cloud home, all these apps can see the Unit (like two different units) but the root folder appears like empty. Do I have to configure any parameter on the configuration of MyCloud? I can’t see nothing and with the older unit I did nothing

The only way to enable DLNA that I know for My Home Cloud is to enable Plex, go through its configuration, and then go to Plex Settings > DLNA > enable. It works great, even the times that Plex stopped working for whatever reason.

Since you’ll have Plex enabled then, you can consider whether you continue using DLNA or you switch to Plex.

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