Connect My Cloud to computer via an adapter

I have a slow Internet connection at home (Modem - 100MB/s) , and my transfer speed is about 10Mb/s -11Mb/s.
And I’m looking for a way to transfer faster.
I got an offer to use USB 3.0 to RJ45 Ethernet Adapter, for a direct connection between Cloud and PC.

Is this possible? If so, what would be the transfer speed?

Sorry for bad english.

Thanks for helpers! :) 

If you are transfering on your LAN the Internet speed is a non-issue.

I think what you mean is your modem/router only has 100Mb ports for the local LAN to use

in this case I would get a Gb Ethernet switch. Conect this to your modem/router with 1 cable and the Mycloud and PC to the switch

does your PC not have an Ethernet port? the USB adapter may but hard to say how much

In Israel, the infrastructure will not support 1Gb Ethernet speed ,so I think it’s not essential to buy a router Gb Ethernet switch.

I tried to connect directly the pc to cloud and it’s work (Speed Transfer ~ 80-100 Mb/s).

But my question is this: without using Ethernet port on PC. if using USB 3 to RJ45 Ethernet adapter, do the speed stay the same speed as the Ethernet port connection on computer?

your PC has an Ethernet wired port and you are looking to add a 2nd wired port. Correct?

is this just to connect the Mycloud to 1 of the ports and Internet to the other? If this is the case I would add the Ethernet switch instead your Internet speed is not a concideration here.

if there is another reason then the USB Ethernet adapter should work fine and there is no requirment that multiple Ethernet ports on a PC be the same speed. You need to configure the 2 adapters on different subnets