Connect My Book to use as hard drive for Time Machine

I have a iMac that uses High Sierra 10.13.6 and I have not been able to use it for Time Machine backup.

After installing drive I tried to link it to Time Machine but I got the message There was an error preparing time machine back-up disk My Book and underneath that it said MediaKit reports no such partition.

I have sent many emails to the support line but they keep sending links which do not cover my situation.

I tired again today to link and now I can’t even see the drive listed as an option so I searched for the drive and clicked on WD discovery but still didn’t appear.

Help please

Hi @Milton11,

To use the device on macOS and for Time Machine backups, format the drive as HSF+ .
For assistance formatting the drive for Mac usage.

Please refer below link as reformatting required for Mac OS Compatibility : Reformatting Required for Mac OS Compatibility

Hope it Helps!!

Hi Keerti,
Many thanks but since posting this message I found a YOUtube video which clearly expalined the process of erasing drive and formatting it.
All worksite now, the help from WD as to send links to advice that was not relevant and the fix was actually very simple and should have been clearly explained in the WD online instructions.
Thanks again for responding.

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Hi Keerti,
I spoke too soon. The WD MY Book linked fine and time machine worked for a couple of days.
Now I have message time machine couldn’t complete the back up. Error occurred while creating the back up folder. Last successful back up yesterday 14.11 Oldest back up is July 4th.
Also I see the drive in Finder window but I can’t open drive because I dont have permission to see its contents. It sounds like the drive has switched off as not making any noise yet its still in Finder window.
Can you help please.

A really good post, very thankful and hopeful that you will write many more posts like this one!

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