Connect my book 1tb hdd via sata bridge

My 1tb book fell off the shelf and broke the case and usb input connection, I had a sata bridge cable so took off the case and connection thingy, i have attached my sata bridge and plugged it in to the pc usb ports, but the only thing showing in device manager is the bridge, so i don’t know if the drive is kaput or not, any way of checking??

Without knowing the model and age of the My Book, I can’t answer for sure if the drive is bad from the fall. If it a relatively new drive, there would be onboard encryption that was done through the PCB in the enclosure. This just means all data going onto the drive would be encrypted. You can check under Disk Management to see if the 1TB shows as listed but in a RAW or UNALLOCATED state. If you need the data off the drive, you would need to contact a data recovery company. If you just want to use the drive again, all you would need to do is reformat it. Another option, if you haven’t thrown it out already, would be to use the hardware from inside the enclosure and see if the USB connector can be repaired enough so that you can copy the data off the drive. WD does not have replacement PCB’s or enclosures as the PCB and the drive are a matched set during the assembly process.

Thank you foe your reply, the model is WD10EADS_11M2B3 Sata 32mb cache
1TB, I didn’t think it fell more than 1 meter, so i am hoping to use it
as a spare backup disc ifi can. When plugged invia the sata bridge there is
no noise or feel anything is going inside.

Also cad nnot see the drive under disc management.

Sounds like the drop damaged the drive if it isn’t powering up. Verify the SATA bridge you are using is getting power. Also if you can. try connecting the drive directly to the motherboard. If still not working, the drive was damaged in the fall.

Thanks for replying I think its passed over to electron heaven. Thanks