Connect MBL to laptop

hi guys

ive been trying to search the forum (dont know if im looking for the wrong things) but i cant seem to connect my MBL to my laptop. i did it once and i was able to use it like a normal hdd. when i connect it, MBL light is green. my laptop doesnt seem to pick up that an ethernet port is connected.

i have windows vista and i connected the two with the cable they provided. can someone detail how i can reestablish the same connection like last time. also is it possible to do the same if i connected on my friend’s laptop without installing anything? thanks

First, I have to say that if that’s the way you always use the MBL, then you wasted your money.   The MBL is meant to work on a network with many computers, not just ethernet attached to a single computer.   You should have just bought a good USB disk which would operate faster and wouldn’t have any configuration nightmares, and is half the cost.

But anyway.

In order to do what you want, you must set a static IP address on your MBL, a static IP address on your PC, and both addresses must be on the same subnet.

(Having both on the same full network would allow DHCP to do all of that automatically.)