Connect laptop directly to the media player

Is it possible to do this via USB.  Just wondering if this is a more effecient way to watch video files.  Right now I stream movies wirelessly through media server or network drive but experience periodic stuttering.  I don’t own a portable hard drive, wondering if I connect my laptop to one of the USB ports it will read and play movie files faster. 

Hello, You can connect your laptop to the network via Network Cable, and there wouldnt be tht stuffering. More over, i m also Connected to my laptops, pcs through wirelessly, i never experienced such delays or stuffering.

You can’t connect the WDTV to a laptop via USB; it doesn’t have drivers for USB networking.

Shajas’ suggestion to try via network cable sounds good.  Might need to use a crossover cable.

Wireless networking stuttering occurs when your file’s bitrate exceeds available bandwidth.  You can try playing around with your wireless adapter’s position (if you plug in direct, try a USB extension cable so you can position the adapter elsewhere for better reception).

But a direct network cable connection should ensure flawless playback.

You can do it and PixelPower is correct, you will need a crossover cable. You will still need to setup some kind of file sharing on the laptop though if you already haven’t

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