Connect iMac to WD TV Live Hub via ethernet-wifi mixed


I’d like to know if there is a possibility to read a shared folder of my iMac from the WD TV LIVE HUB.

The WD is connected to the network via ethernet and the iMac is connected to the network (the same) via wifi.

This is possibile because the router (Apple Time Capsule) is in a room connected with the WD TV and the iMac is in another room connected via wifi to the same network.

But WD TV doesn’t seem to see and connect to the network (only internet)…

Well, I think to understand what the problem is… WD TV Live Hub does connect to internet, but can’t recognize the network which my iMac is connected to!

Any idea?

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My Hub is wi-fi connected to a router, and I can access all my network form there (MacBook Pro, iMaca, PC) with no problem.

Do you think I’ll be able to have the same result with the difference that my WD TV Live Hub is connected via wire (ethernet) to the Time Capsule (router) and the iMac is connected via wifi?

After try and try, now - for a miracle! - I can see the WD from my iMac and put in it every kind of file, but I can’t see the shared folders of iMac from the WD… :cry: And that is my goal!


Have you checked “Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)”? Under the ‘Options’ button on the sharing system pref pane. I used to use a TV LIve, and I had no problem accessing shared drives and folders. I selected Network Setup - Automatic on the Hub, and everything has worked fine, including reading and writing files to the HUb.

I have a IMac, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini.

IMac is wirde, the other devices are using WiFi. Hub is connected via Devolo DLan.

All is working fine for me.

Be sure they are all in the same Subnet and Workgroup.

The only difference is that i am using fixed IP Numbers for every device.