Connect DX4000 to a single PC

Hi all,

I am new to this server box and also not familier with the Windows server or NAS.

Due to network instability in my office, I decided to temporary use the DX4000 as a storage for a single PC. (until the network gets better)

Is it possible to connect the DX4000 directly to a Windows XP desktop PC using either Ethernet or USB connection?

I had tried a few times using Ethernet and I cannot access the DX4000 from the PC using the displayed IP address on the DX4000.

Appreciate your reply.


Both boxes are probabbly set to use DHCP.  If so you should be able to shut both down, connect a cable between the 2 and see each other.

Or just assign a static ip to both boxes and for example and put a cable between the 2.

But me thinks it might be easier to just fix the network :wink: