Connect Android phone to MBL with ES File Explorer

I’ve done lots of searching, on this site, and elsewhere, about connecting an Android phone to an NAS. The consensus seems to be that ES file explorer is one of the best free apps for doing this.

I’ve been trying, but can’t seem to connect. All I need access to for now is my public share using my wireless router LAN. No need for remote access outside the house. My phone is already connected to the router, so I know that connection works.

I’m creating a new LAN connection in ES file explorer, entering “192.168.x.x/shares/Public” for the server name.Also tried just the MBL’s private IP address without any additional share names.  I’ve never set up user names and passwords for public files, so I’ve used  “admin” for the user name with no password. ES file explorer keeps saying it can’t find the server.

Do I need to activate remote access on the MBL and register the phone first? I’ve never done this, thinking I wouldn’t need it for LAN access only. That’s the only thing I could think of that’s preventing this from working.

Never mind, got it figured out.


Can you share the solution to your issue? It could help other users with the same or similar issues.

I was trying to set up the LAN connection manually in ES File Explorer. Didn’t realize until yesterday that there is a “scan” button at the bottom of the File Explorer LAN screen. I touched the Scan button and it found the MBL immediately. No need to activate remote access on the  MBL.