Connect and recognize 8 Passports

I am a teacher and all my students have My Passports.  I need to be able to move a file or folder onto all their hard drives before a class.  Right now my computer will only recognize one My Passport even if I have two plugged into separate USB ports.

Is there a device or hub I can use to connect at least 8 My Passports at the same time and have them recognized separately by the OS . . . and be able to write to all of them at the same time?

Thank you!

What OS are you using and are all the passports the same size? Try looking in disk management and see if the passports show there you may need to give the second one a drive letter.


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I’m using Windows 7.  The passports are all the same size and model.  If I go in disk managment they are there but that would be way too many steps when I’m trying to work with over 30 drives.  I need to be able to plug in 8, move the file, then do another 8, etc.

I’m sure I will need a hub with power for this kind of load, but it’s the recognizing and moving files part I am worried about.


I think with that many drives you will have a real problem. Is there a way to host the file and have the students download it? Do you have an IT tech at your school that might be able to help more?


Actually, the subject I teach is PC repair and Cybersecurity so I usually do my own IT.  The files are very large, they are virtual machines or applications, so 20 students downloading at the beginning of class is not practical.  The use of the hard drives has been really great, but the time to prep becomes difficult as I get more students.

So no one has any idea if there is a product that will allow connection to 8 identical My Passports for simultaneous file transfer?

I believe you are experiencing what is know as a “signature collision”:


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Trancer, thank you - that link was helpful.  I knew about signature collision but I didn’t realize that it was primarily a Windows 7 / 8 issue.   Would you happen to know whether Ubuntu OS would avoid this problem?  I have several PCs running Linux if that could be my solution?

Most of these WD USB drives do not have Linux listed as an OS. It is hit or miss if they will work on Linux.